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Stalls at home

Thriplow residents only

Please complete the application form below, no later than one week before the weekend. 

For further info, please call 01763 208059.

charity fundraising stall at home

For a stall on a Thriplow resident's drive which is raising funds purely for charity, there is no charge. We do ask that you complete the application below please.

An offer to help with main DW (e.g. car parking or tearooms) would be appreciated! Please do let DW know how much money you made so we can add it to our grand total.  

'domestic commercial stall at home

Where the resident is trying to make money from goods of any kind we ask for a good will contribution of £25 payable 7 days prior to the event. Payment by cheque please, made payable to Thriplow Daffodil Weekend, to the Daffodil Weekend postbox in the Village Shop. Please also complete the application form below.

Stall at home application form:

Name *
Charity name and charity number
What will you be selling?
What will you be selling?
£25 donation for domestic commercial stalls
I will make the £25 donation to Daffodil Weekend via the village Shop 7 days prior to the weekend
Terms and conditions
Due to health and safety regulations, we have to remind all those that propose to have a stall ‘at home’ or open garden that it is the responsibility of the stall holder to safeguard the health and safety of all those who come on to their premises. Please check your home insurance policy for damage to property or injury claims occurring on your property.