The Thriplow Daffodil Weekend Committee

A merry group of hard working volunteers

All 18 members of the committee are volunteers from Thriplow and our neighbouring villages. Most people in the village have done a stint on the committee at some time, showing the newer recruits how it should be done and passing on their wisdom.

It takes six months of intense planning to put on a weekend. From the initial meeting (followed by drinks at our lovely Green Man pub), to once-weekly meetings as the weekend gets closer (followed by medicinal drinks at the Green Man pub). 

Many hours, days and weeks are spent co-ordinating the activities for the weekend: sorting the stallholder applications, managing the health and safety, briefing the AA Roads team, keeping tabs on the budget, producing marketing material, generating publicity, putting up signs, getting the insurances, selecting the musicians, let alone recruiting cake bakers, tea room teams, parking teams, coach meet-and-greet teams... and that's before we  get the marquees and portals in place!

Each year, after a few months recovery, we forget the pain and are ready for it all over again!