Are you a local who is able to help us with Daffodil Weekend?

Thriplow ~ Heathfield  ~ Fowlmere ~ Newton  ~ Foxton

From baking cakes to parking cars, we need all the help we can get!  We rely on the kind-heartedness of over 350 volunteers to run a Daffodil Weekend successfully.

In return, you will get free entry for you and your family for the weekend, feel exhilarated by the camaraderie and community atmosphere, and have helped earn lots of money for charity. 

  • Car parks meet and greet
  • Coach park meet and greet
  • Help at the tea rooms (school, village hall or cricket pitch)
  • Bake cakes for the tea rooms
  • Country Thriplow gun dog scurry
  • Country Thriplow fun dog show
  • Children's Thriplow
  • Set up and tidy up
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