Daffodil update

Yes, we do have daffodils in bloom…

Due to the mild spring, the daffodils are currently about 2 weeks ahead of where they usually are – this is good as Daffodil Weekend is early this year!

We have planted over half a million daffodils in and around Thriplow (not bad for a village of 400 people). There are over 117 different varieties in the village from early to late flowering so we are always guaranteed to have daffodils.

Early flowering: Cedric Morris – often known as the ‘Christmas Daffodil’  - some of these flowered on Christmas Day!

Late flowering: Quail – these will not flower until April / May

Just coming in to bloom now are the main varieties such as ‘King Alfred’ and ‘Dutch Master’

We have our very own variety of daffodil named after the village – Thriplow Gold – the main display of this is around the village sign next to the Smithy on The Green and is just starting to bloom.

Many of the varieties in the village have been marked with a little sign – look out for them!

Thriplow Gold in bloom

Thriplow Gold in bloom